Hot Lunch Special: May & June 1st 2021 (8th Grade Fundraiser)

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Tuesday, 5/4/2021:
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In years past, the 8th grade class parents have sponsored an "extra" weekly hot lunch in order to raise funds for the 8th grade end of year dance and class gift. Please consider supporting the Class of 2021 as we again offer this option.

  • All items priced at $6.00** each and DO NOT come with a snack and a water. Please make sure you send a snack and drink with your child.
  • There are no refunds due to inclement weather or if a child is absent on a hot lunch day.
  • March orders are due by 4/30/2021.

If you have any questions, please contact our 8th grade lunch coordinator, Melissa DiNofia-Bozzone at

Please note if your child was virtual on March 30th and missed the hot lunch (5th - 8th grades), the May 4th lunch will be credited. Please do not order again for May 4th. 

** Due to rising Chick-Fil-A costs during the pandemic, the cost of one sandwich or one nugget meal will be $6.00 for the May and June 1st orders. Please note that the nuggets and/or sandwiches do notcome with drinks, snacks, or napkins. Please pack those separate and necessary lunch items on Tuesday 8th grade hot lunch days. For questions, contact Melissa DiNofia - Bozzone, 8th grade parent committee chair, at Thank you for your support of this fundraising effort and the Class of 2021.